What are we thankful for today? Today is a tough day to be thankful I have some weird growths that Mom is taking me to the vet to have looked at, and we have some of the worst air quality in the world. Still we manage to find good in everything. This is a photo of me on my walk earlier in the week as this morning the air was just awful.

I’ve had some bumps/growths on my nose over the last year or two. Mom asked the vet about them last year and was told they are nothing to worry about. Since that time, I scratched one on the side of my nose so much that it finally just disappeared. Now I have a bigger one on top of my nose. It is hard to see, but it is also growing and it bothers my mom.

There is another one on top of my one back paw, and there are a couple tiny ones by my ankle. The one on top of my paw has grown a lot and the other day I started licking and biting at it. Mom called the vet and I am lucky to get an appointment to have it looked at today. They may need to remove it since it is bothering me. My furs around it are slowly turning color from all my licking. It is really ugly, but since no one usually looks at my paws up close, it isn’t seen by anyone.

I will keep everyone posted when I find out what is going on with my bumps. Getting into the vet the end of this week is truly something to be thankful for with all the people taking off for the holiday weekend.

We are also super thankful for a home with air conditioning. Those darn Canadians have been sending their smoke down here for several weeks now and it is really bad. We live in the red area. Since we are not going out much, things are pretty boring after a few days of indoor life. Even when Mom lets us go out, we really don’t want to be out. When we come in, we all smell like a campfire.

Who has the worst air quality in the world? We come in fourth place, but it really is not something we wanted to have a top placement in. Thank you to NBC for this wonderful placement. Feel free to find new winners asap.

If you wonder what the numbers mean, this little chart will help you out. Supposedly the air will be better later today, and we hope that is true. Until then we are thankful we don’t have to be outside and can keep our windows closed too.