We all love a good walk in a snowstorm at our house. Being National Walk Your Dog Month, we decided to post about it. This week we had another snowstorm and got about fourteen inches of snow over two days. It is beautiful out with everything covered in snow! We are up and out before sunrise, thus the different color in the photos.

Since we received a huge load overnight, nothing much was plowed when Bailie went out for her walk. It was still snowing too.

This is the view of our backyard. It is so peaceful and magical after a good snow, before the world wakes up. Mom shoveled the deck about five times before this photo was taken.

The snow overnight is more wet snow, so you know what that means! Yep, snowballs. Bailie got a lot of them on her morning walk. All of us girls get a lot of them, but for some reason, Nelson only gets about half as many.

Olivia was also out early, but they had plowed our street before she was out. Since it was still snowing, there is a fresh coating of powder on the road but it is pretty easy to walk on.

She walked with Mom to the main road to see if the walkway had been plowed yet, but that was a definite, NO. Not only is it covered in fresh snow, but the plows on the main road threw more snow from the road onto the path. They did end up plowing the walkways later in the day.

Things look so different covered in snow. The mailboxes look so cute with their snow hats on.

By the time Nelson and I got to walk in the snowstorm, it was light out, but the main road we wanted to walk on was not plowed. We know how to walk in single file in tire tracks to make it easier. Walking in the snow is a really good workout, that is for sure. Once we get back home, our tummies are ready for breakfast!

We will leave you with another beautiful, snow frosted tree. Don’t let a little snow stop you from walking with your dog. Get out there and enjoy it. It is always fun to walk in a snowstorm, even if things haven’t been plowed. At our house, we are thankful for all the seasons, but especially a snowy winter season!