The ugly Christmas sweater contest begins here at home! Mom had a lot of them in her closet, some were really, really old, but last year she cleaned her closet and got rid of most of them. Thankfully, she still has enough of these ugly things for us to have a fun family contest. Having some holiday fun with you all makes us some happy hounds!

Who has the ugliest of the Christmas sweaters? Unfortunately, if we wear sweaters as they are made to be worn, you can’t see what is on the front side very well. To fix this issue, we put them around our necks instead. The sweaters are super tacky, so why not wear them in a tacky way? These four beauties on the tree are the selection we have. Nelson and I are the hosts for our family contest. Please check out all four sweaters being modeled and let us know in the comments who is the winner in your opinion.

I’m starting out since I am the oldest in the family. Well, I can say I feel like a furry package with this beauty. Actually, it is a very soft warm material that would be nice on a cold day. What do you think, ugly, or not? This might be the right time to say, “This is a wrap.”

Being second oldest I get to model the next sweater. Even if I do say so myself, it looks mighty ugly and depressing. I think it is made from little scraps of stuff. The red is festive, but I’m not so sure the rest of it is worth wearing…classification ugly for me.

My ugly Christmas sweater choice is totally me and adorable too! Who doesn’t love a goofy reindeer, and one with a furry nose like this one is a rare find. I could see my mom wearing this one at a party or family gathering.

Even if I am still a puppy, I can recognize ugly when I see it and I am wearing it now! This thing is really weird and ugly! One positive is that my long ears really show off well on this dandy sweater. Otherwise, I would not want to leave my house wearing this ugly thing, would you? Did you know we have one human and four dog sweaters that all match in this pattern? Yikes! I guess my sisters reviewed them a couple years ago.

This is the end, we have all shown you our gorgeous holiday sweaters. We hope you enjoyed seeing them and we wonder which one everyone likes best!