It’s time to make my tricky pumpkin Kongs for your favorite pup for Halloween. Every dog deserves something special for Halloween, why not a tasty Kong? I bet they will even enjoy working on one Halloween night when all the spooky stuff goes on outside. It is a very good distraction for a dog. My Kongs are made of three simple ingredients, it can’t get much easier!

I’m ready to start mixing my ingredients together. My recipe calls for non fat Greek yogurt, plain pumpkin, NOT pie filling and something as a tricky surprise. We were given this bag of Tricky Trainers, so I thought I would mix them in as a surprise.

For Kongs, I don’t measure my ingredients. The amounts can be whatever you would like and will depend on the size and number of Kongs you plan on making. I’m making four Kongs, and guessing I have enough filling. Put all three ingredients in your mixing bowl and mix them up well.

When everything is mixed well, be sure and do a taste test. It would be terrible if they didn’t taste good and you served them to your dog! Mine taste Grand and these little tricky trainer pieces add a nice, crunchy surprise.

My first pumpkin Kong is now stuffed. Do not worry if there is a bit of a mess at the opening. It will freeze and your pup will clean it all off when she gets her Kong.

After filling each Kong, I wrap them in plastic wrap to keep the filling from spilling out, and then they are also ready to pop into the freezer.

Now all that is left to do is to wait until Halloween when we will each get to enjoy one of our own tricky pumpkin Kongs. To be honest, I had some extra filling so I made a small one for Nelson which he ate and just loved! Grab my recipe here, make some Kongs, and watch your dog enjoy! Happy Howloween Week!