Trials were all about travel fun this past year. Mom took our trainer’s advice, We went all over the country looking for trials in fun locations both new or places we have already been. It is interesting to see and smell new spots, and the humans have a great time checking out new places as well. Our luggage was always ready to go.

Now as I turn four I have twenty six states under my furry belt. The past year I added the last six of those. As you can see on my map, we need to go straight south, west and north east a bit more. The orange states are where I have been, N means new this past year. I am sure we will travel this year, but for now we are sticking around home.

Our first big new state trip was probably the best one of the year – Wyoming. We got to see the Badlands, Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore and I got to search in a super fun prison museum.

On the way home from Wyoming we passed through a corner of Colorado. There was no place to get out for a photo, so we just snapped the sign.

In September we decided to finally visit Montana. This trip was stressful as it was really hot, the hotel was terrible, and Bailie was not happy about traveling. Still she got to see some new states herself and we did have fun here and there. It was Nelson’s first big road trip with us too.

My last three new states came last month when we traveled to North Carolina for my final Elite Trial. In some ways this trip was one big disaster, but on the other paw, we did have some travel fun and we saw a lot of interesting places too.

Virginia has one of the best welcome centers of any state we have ever been to. We love that Virginia loves!

West Virginia didn’t have any place to stop at for photos and it is also where we had all our worst car trouble. Not the best memories, but it does seem like a nice state.

My siblings and I are lucky to get to see a lot of the USA, many dogs don’t get to do that. Bailie has seen a lot and doesn’t care to travel anymore, so that is alright. I wonder where I will land in the next year when I am four?