I spent two days at the Traders Market on Sunday and Monday for nose work. Sunday I was in an Element Trial, and Monday Mom and I attended a half day seminar. It is normally a flea market spot I think. There isn’t much there except for barns and stuff but it worked for what we were doing just fine.

My Element Trial was a bit of a disaster. Mom and I were not in sync and we failed two out of four searches. It isn’t a big deal as I can do it again, and we still managed to have fun. The weather was super cold and windy which was not real fun but my furs kept me warm enough. The photo is me waiting to go up to my first search area.

Monday is what Mom and I were really excited about. I’m pretty young still for being at the levels I trial at. Thankfully I have been trialing since I was six months old, so for my age I have a lot of experience. Mom has noticed that we struggle with inaccessible hides. I find them but Mom doesn’t know how to call them. There are accessible, meaning I can get my nose right on the odor and inaccessible which means I can’t get to it but I need to still tell Mom to call it. The seminar had inaccessible hides in each search we were doing so Mom could get some good tips to help our team.

The video is my interior search with two hides, one being inaccessible. The point of the exercise was to call the inaccessible by watching my behavior diving into the chairs but Mom waited and I decided I better try to get to the hide (the hide was behind all the chairs on the wall). No other dog did what I did, so everyone was laughing. Can you tell I do take my odor finding quite seriously?

We had lots of fun together over the two days at the Traders Market and we learned more about being a better team. Before leaving I had to pose on this cute mini bridge. It is just my size! Mom and I are thankful for new learning opportunities to help improve Team Orange in the future!