I’m sharing out top 5 walking accessories for dogs and their humans with you today. Walking a dog is a fairly simple activity, without a need for a lot of equipment. Nevertheless, there are a few items we just love, and use all the time. Some we have had for years, and others are fairly new to us.

Our Top 5 Dog Walking Accessories

The Freedom No Pull Harness

My sisters are pullers. I used to pull as a youngster, but haven’t for years now. Mom isn’t big on obedience and heal, so she needs good harnesses for Bailie and Madison. The breeder suggested the Freedom No Pull Harness. They have been walking with them for about a year and a half now, and they work really well. Not only to they help get some control, they are made very well, and have never come apart. The loop on the back tightens the harness around the dog when they pull which they don’t like. When the harness tightens, they stop pulling so hard. They are also available in lots of great colors.

Dog Waste Bags Pantry Pack

The second of our 5 favorite walking accessories is the waste bag pantry pack. The roll of 300 bags comes in  a handy box we keep in our closet with all the walking equipment. Before we head out, we simply tear one or two off and hit the road. The bags are big, 9×13 inches which means we can put more than one “pile” in the bag. Mom likes to use one bag for all three of us to reduce the number of bags used. It is an environmentally friendly thing she does.

The Umbilical Belt

We’ve had our Umbilical Belt for over three years now and it still is a favorite product of ours. Despite a lot of use, it is still in tip top condition, and Mom even added a second leash to it last year for Madison. It’s not something we use on daily walks, but we do use it when Mom needs to have her hands free, or in more crowded areas. Mom also uses it whenever she runs with dogs.

Icebug Shoes and Boots

Since the broken ankle incident almost two years ago, Mom is afraid of the snow and ice, but can’t resist walking and running in the winter. A good friend of ours recommended Icebug shoes and boots. Mom has YakTrax, and spikes to slide on her shoes and boots, but they never seem to do much when it comes to ice.

Icebug shoes and boots provide amazing traction on wet surfaces. Smart studs, which are carbide tip studs, adapt to the surface they are on, and even grip on ice! We were super skeptical, but after buying a pair of running shoes, Mom was amazed! She can walk across an ice rink as if it was asphalt. The only danger with Icebugs is that they grip so well, they don’t slide, which means you have to keep that in mind when walking and running. They are truly amazing footwear, and they keep Mom safe and active in the winter.

Illumiseen Necklace Collars

These are our favorite new walking accessory! The leashes are great too, but we get the most use out of our necklace collars. We slip them on before we go out into the yard in the dark. Mom lets us be out in the dark more now because she can keep an eye on us so easily. They are awesome on our early morning walks because no car will miss us on the side of the road or crossing the street. Being USB rechargeable makes them super practical, as well as being able to cut them to the right size. Remember, to enter to win a necklace collar and leash set in our giveaway.

Those are our top 5 walking accessories for dogs. Do you have any great accessories to share with us?