It’s time to rest and reflect on our year in dog sports and on the year to come. Now we have a few months to hone our skills, but we need a plan or before you know it the season will start and we will not have done what we should. For starters, we are resting a bit. The weather is beautiful this week, so we are hanging out in the yard enjoying it.

We had a busy year despite things being cancelled for about three months. Now we are coming off eleven weekends of dog sports which was amazing, but also exhausting. It’s nice to chill for a bit and let our sports lie. Mom has us all lined up for our own nose work classes for the winter, and we will also be working on our barn hunt skills but Mom books the ring for us to do that.

Olivia is super excited about all her sports but also has set some goals for herself in FastCAT for next year. She also plans to pass her NW2 Nose Work level and get started on NW3 with me and Bailie as well as completing the Scent Work Excellent Level and at least one element in Scent Work Masters. She probably can hit those goals if the season isn’t cancelled.


By accident, we stumbled across the AKC FastCAT rankings by breed, and are happy with the year 2020, but Olivia (Ethos Loving The Northland) is determined to take over first place in the lifetime stats for our breed next year. Being second isn’t her thing. They tell us the more we run FastCAT, and as Olivia matures, she will get faster. Being so short, I’m happy with my placements as is,second for 2020 and fourth for the lifetime score. It’s fun being a rare breed because there isn’t much competition! Do note, all the dogs are females that are running, where are the lazy guys?

Overall, we are super thankful for a great year in sports and now some ideal weather to relax before starting out training again.