I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas now for a couple weeks, but I’ve been hesitant to go out Christmas shopping until I found out if I had made the Santa Paws Nice List or not. I posted my letter to Santa Paws last Monday. I hate to see things I really want if I ended up on the Naughty List. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I got my letter from Santa Paws on Friday! What a relief for the weekend!

I was pretty sure I would make it, but a dog never knows for sure. The big question was really Bailie. She has been awfully naughty in 2014, but then again she is still pretty young. We were all relieved, especially Bailie, when she got her letter. Katie making the Nice List was no surprise at all!

Now that my nerves have calmed I was ready to head out to PetCo and do some Christmas shopping with Mom. Mostly we were looking for stuff for Bailie. I found these pretty beds. They look like they would be comfy too. We both like beds with sides so we can curl up and snooze, kind of like cats do.

I was all over these jumbo rawhides, but Mom said we aren’t getting rawhides since they don’t break down in our tummies. Oh well, a dog can still dream.

Look at these cute Santa suits! I wonder if I could get cat bro Bert to wear one? They look pretty small, so I bet they would fit a cat like him.

There was a nice selection of stuffies I think Bailie would like. She seems to like almost any stuffie.

Finally we got to the Kongs. I really want my own Kong in size large. It looks like they only come in red. I was hoping they had all kinds of fun colors, but I guess not. Hopefully Santa will bring me one.

By far the best thing I found in the store was this table with all kinds of yummy treats on it! I want one of each and I would love to sample some immediately. No Mom, I’m not going to get down, I’m very busy sniffing!

One last reminder! Don’t forget to buy some cans of Merrick wet food for your pups. This November and December for each can of Merrick food purchased at PETCO, a meal will be donated to a rescue animal waiting for their forever home. I’m getting some Merrick Grain Free Turducken for my sisters and I to enjoy on Christmas. Simply look for the holiday food displays at your local PETCO store! The meals will be donated to one of the three wonderful shelters below:

  • Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals
  • PAWS Chicago
  • Best Friends Animal Society