I got to visit the first Three Dog Bakery in Minnesota this week! The Apple Valley store just opened on Saturday and Mom could not wait to check it out, but who would she take along. Being the first visit, she would only be bringing one of us. Madison was the first choice, but then Mom decided with her being so picky, she was not the right dog. Bailie was next on the list but she doesn’t like the car. She offered to walk there with Mom, but that would be a few hours and Mom didn’t have time for that. Guess who was left? Yep, me! I am the lucky pup who got to go to the bakery!

This place is completely amazing! For a scent hound, it is a nasal paradise, not to mention a pleasure for the taste buds. It is more than just a bakery, they sell all kinds of pawsome stuff for pups! Right inside the door, my nose was off to the races sniffing out some of the treats.

It is all super cute and dog themed. Many of the shelves have big bones on the ends. The dog food is in a shelving unit made to look like a dog house.

On one wall, there are endless baskets of chews. Hard to believe, but they have so many good things, I wasn’t able to even choose one to try to shoplift! The other side of the store has more treats, things like doggie shampoo, and a nice selection of dog toys. It is a bakery, but it has something for every dog besides the baked goods.

Have a look at the amazing baked goods! Mom said she got hungry looking at the selection. The baked items are all good ingredients so humans could actually eat them, but Mom decided to pass.

Besides looking so great, they have some really fun names! How about Drooly Dream Bars, Collie Cannoli, Puppermint Patties, or some Peanut Brindle? Let’s just say, choosing treats to bring home for me and my sisters was a tough task for this girl!

We were the only people in the bakery that morning, so we got to chit chat with the owner of the Three Dog Bakery. She is super nice, and we learned a lot about the store. It was time for me to pay for the treats and get back home to do some tasting.

After much thought, carrot cake is what I brought home for my sisters and I to try out. It sure looks good, don’t you think? I wonder who stuck their nose in the photo? Everything is so beautiful, it is hard to believe it is not from a human bakery!

Mom gave us our cake one at a time so we could savor it a bit. No surprise, I wolfed mine down so fast, Mom thinks I didn’t even taste it. Bailie wanted to take her piece outside to eat on the deck. Picky Madison decided the living room would be the ideal spot. It took her a good ten minutes to eat her cake. She licked the frosting off first, broke the rest into a million pieces and then ate the pieces one by one. No matter how we ate it, we can give it twelve paws up! Super duper yummy in the tummy!

I’m so happy to have a Three Dog Bakery near us. We will be stopping by to get treats for special occasions a lot. I’m already planning to order my birthday cake there next month! Madison and Bailie will each get a chance to visit in the coming weeks too. If you are in the Twin Cities, you should stop by. You will be at least as impressed as your pup when you see the place!