This handsome fellow is me, Nelson, and I am turning ten months old today! Mom says I will be a year old way too fast, but I’m excited as I can do a lot more things when I turn a year old.

We have had snow all week and no sunshine. Mom and I waited to do my photos in case the sun would return, but it didn’t happen. It’s alright with me because I get a snowy photo shoot for the first time.

I’m still the little guy by name around our house, but I am actually a pretty big guy. I weighed in at forty eight pounds last week at the vet! I’m shorter than Bailie and Olivia, but I am really sturdy. Mom says I’m built like a concrete block. Personally, I think it is my long ears that add the extra weight.

Besides weighing more than any of my sisters, I am also longer than everyone. Mom says I’m crazy long, whatever that means. She loves my “longness”, but it also allows me to reach a lot of things no one else on paws in the house can.

My nose is also quite long compared to my sisters, but my ears are longer than my nose and that is important. With my long nose, I have a long beard that has been snow covered a lot this last week of being nine months old.

You all know I am lime green boy. When we went looking for the nice bench on the path, we found it has been replaced with this new green bench. Of course, I have to take a photo on a green bench! Mom tried to get me to lay down, but I didn’t want to have my tummy on the snow, so we decided I could just sit.

Everywhere I go, I hear people saying what a handsome fellow I am. Mom says I am too, so it must be true. Today I am being extra handsome with my Thanksgiving bow tie for my ten month photos. I’m excited to see what Thanksgiving is all about next week. Maybe with my cute bow tie, I will get extra food from unsuspecting people visiting our house!