It’s time to think pink when the pink girl goes shopping for her birthday cake. I’m turning seven and I must have a good dessert for my party. Usually we keep things secret, but I will tell you I’m having a cake and it will be pink. We were going to order two small cakes from a bakery Bailie found at the Hopkins Raspberry Festival, but they are really expensive, have to be ordered way ahead of time, and we have to drive half an hour to pick them up. It’s back to the Three Dog Bakery for this birthday hound.

Each of us goes to the bakery at least once a year, but it is still exciting. There are always new toys and treats to be smelled, and tasting to be done. Looking at the display case makes choosing one thing so difficult. At least this year, I know what I really want.

Three Dog Bakery only used natural ingredients, so some things I was considering having on my cake, like sprinkles are not an option. That’s okay. The owner had some really good ideas for me and I know I will love my cake. I can’t wait for everyone to see it and I want to taste it. It would be nice if the counter was lower for short girls like me. I really have to stretch to get up there and see over it.

After ordering, I got to try some of their new BBQ treats. There are two flavors in the bag and the lady asked me to tell her which I like best.

She gave me the treats one at a time. I really don’t know which is better as they are both super tasty. It doesn’t matter because I know my think pink cake is going to be super cute and delicious! I’m excited for my party and turning lucky seven!