This past weekend Mom took Bailie and I to Woofstock. We always love a fun outing, but there was some confusion. Apparently, this festival is a spoof name play on the iconic Woodstock. Bailie and I thought Mom said Woodstock. Bailie was totally disappointed when she found out it was not all about that little yellow bird from the Peanuts.

I was disappointed with the music. I heard Woodstock had awesome bands, but this Woofstock thing…well, let’s say the “Teddy Bear Band” with a bunch of mini humans wasn’t what I had imagined. I don’t know why that little girl is staring at me, hasn’t she ever seen a GBGV before?

Bailie was eager to score a goodie bag for us. She hopped right up and selected our bag. This girl is not shy, and often forgets her manners when she gets excited. I know, she is still young, but she does represent our breed and should behave accordingly.

Bailie couldn’t wait for someone to pay attention to her so she could hand out her brand spanking new business cards, I bought for her. She designed them herself. In my opinion, they are a bit too teenager/girlie girl, but she thought they match her personality. Mine are a bit more business like. Of course, I had my own business cards along as well. Everyone wants to know about us and our breed, so we carry them around all the time and pass them out.

I found this funny playhouse thing to pose with.

Bailie did some bobbing for tennis balls to win a prize…which was some treats. I wouldn’t pick up a tennis ball if it was filled with treats, so I let her handle that. I find tennis balls boring.

Hey Sugar! This one is for you! Couldn’t resist getting a shot of me by the poop bags stand. My friend, Sugar, is the dog behind the Scoop That Poop blog hop.

Bailie goes to day care at the Dog Day Getaway close to where we live, but she insisted on getting a photo of herself by the Adogo booth. Our cousin Lena sometimes goes to Adogo because it is close to her house.

Bailie was blown away by the sojos booth. This was the highlight of Woofstock for her! You can see how polite she was and she was totally listening to everything the guy told us! We have never tried this brand before. We were interested in their treats and they were good. All natural beef, lamb, or turkey, freeze dried, and super tasty. We may have to get some of these for our nose work and/or tracking rewards.