Life as the third wheel can actually be fun according to little Nelson. Most of the time he plays with Olivia, but sometimes he decides to bust into the backyard games of me and Olivia. Here I was trying to decide if I should break up the fun and start chasing Olivia.

We decided to take off and ditch the little guy, but he doesn’t quit. He is following us to the fun trees, aka pine trees.

After a lap or two around the pine trees, we had a quick meeting to form a good game plan. Note, Nelson is paying no attention to the discussion.

And Olivia and I are off to the races. Nelson refuses to be left behind and does his best to keep up with us.

The three of us sure have a lot of momentum going. It looks like we might tip over!

Sometimes the third wheel can really interfere with our game. Look at how he is hanging on Olivia and not paying any attention to me. I guess since I usually ignore him he prefers to hang out with Olivia. He is a third wheel without any concerns!

Olivia wants to play with me and is getting her play bow on. Nelson is calculating how to get into the game as a third wheel, and I am trying to avoid being tackled. The three of us had a real fun game of chase and we slept great afterwards.