Our poor Furballz all survived the spin cycle the other day! Mom can be so mean to our toys sometimes. She had the nerve to grab them while I was napping along with some of our dog beds and blankets and stick them in that washing machine thing! I guess I have to hold my toys when I sleep from now on to keep them safe!

When I realized what had happened to all the Furballz, I raced to that mean machine to make sure they were all still alive. They were wet, but alright. They wanted out of that terrible machine asap. Bailie had a similar issue with her fishy toy many years ago. Fishy also survived.

After a bath, I find they smell funny! It will be my job to get them smelling right again as soon as possible. Thankfully, Mom knows better than to put them in the other scary drying machine because it kills squeakers.

I did find my the multi color Furballz kind of in the blankets and stuff. Because that one seems to have had the roughest ride during the spin cycle, I knew it was my duty to rescue it.

Once I had it, I raced to my wicker kennel to keep it safe. I held my paw on it so Mom could not steal it again if I decided to doze off for a bit.

Poor Furballz! I think it has some PTSD from the whole experience.. Normally I take a toy with me up to bed at night, so I decided to take the multi color Furballz with me that night. What a horrible experience for our precious toys. Mom should be ashamed of herself! I’m just super happy all three Furballz survived! We will still play with them even if they have that terrible clean smell for a while!