This cake caused the shortest birthday party in my family’s history. Oh my heavens, we all went crazy and right when the party got started it pretty much ended. It has caused Mom to ponder the thought of setting up video at the next party.

For my party this year I chose a carrot cake. I like carrot cake, and it is orange. No one has had a cake in a while so it was time. When I picked it, I tasted it and loved it. Still, I had no idea the effect it would have on all of us. Let’s say, if you want an out of control party, order a carrot cake from The Three Dog Bakery!

Normally we get a photo of the birthday hound with the cake. Well, I only had eating it in my mind. The above photo is the best Mom could do. She was so afraid I would take a big bite out of it!

Mom started to get suspicious when she was setting the party table. I was super fixated on the cake and constantly trying to get a hold of it. Nelson was trying to get on the kitchen counter to grab it, so he ended up in his kennel. Because of the craziness that ensued, Nelson and I traded places after Mom took this photo.

We go to our places at the table one at a time since space is tight and Mom wants to protect the cake. Bailie sat down first and used her best manners. The trouble started with Madison who came running from the other room and actually jumped onto the table. Being short, she didn’t make it all the way and started to slide off with the tablecloth and party items. Mom grabbed her and put her in her chair. Next came Nelson who would not sit in his chair. His place moved to being next to Bailie which helped a little bit. Finally, I came and settled in for a nice family shot.

Remember previous photo as that is the last family photo. As soon as Mom put cake on the plates, Nelson took his piece and hopped down.

A few seconds later, Madison also decided to take her prize piece of cake to the floor to eat. Little Miss Manners and rule follower just disappeared.

Bailie and I stayed in our spots like the civilized hounds we are and finished our pieces of yummy carrot cake.

Everyone finished their cake in mere seconds really. Even the floor dwellers were able to gobble their pieces right down. Mom has been having birthday parties since Katie turned one over twenty years ago, and this is by far the shortest birthday party ever! We are going to ask if there is dog crack in this cake or what next time we go to the bakery. The four of us were totally crazy to grab and eat the cake. Madison would never jump on the table, but the cake made her do it.

Now that I am four, I have better manners, but Nelson seems to be lacking in that department. He has taken over my job cleaning the table. My party was totally pawsome, the cake was the best ever, but it was over way too fast!