Today we have scenes from the road trip on day two. Day one was just Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri, with our stop in Swedesburg. We added three new states to our list, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. Today we are only posting about the sites in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky. Day two was a very long day as we found so many things to see. Our drive started early and ended late, but it was a lot of fun. The first stop was downtown St. Louis where we found Channel 4 News.

Our tip for you is if you want to see the St. Louis Arch, go early on a Sunday morning. It doesn’t open until 9, so no one is there before that and you can practically park at the Arch for free on the street. The weather was ideal and the sun was just coming up when we were there. Our copilot/navigator took this photo of us with Mom and it is our favorite one of all the shots we have.

From Missouri, we traveled into Illinois where we had no planned stops. We are thankful for big road signs as they led us to a fun stop in Metropolis. What is Metropolis you ask? It is a Superman town. None of us knew about it, but it sure makes for a fun stop!

The town square is where the most of the Superman stuff happens. This building is, next to the actual Superman statue, the focal point of the town.

Here he is, Superman protecting two very tiny looking hounds. He sure is a super big guy! Thankfully he did not step on us with his big red boots!

Just down the block is the Super Big Boy. He is rather rude as he would not let us have that giant burger.

Uh oh! Look at who is hiding behind the Super Big Boy, a cop! He looks like he is ready to shoot. This is when we decided to move on.

Driving out of town you pass Big John, a grocery store. I opted to get out and take a shot with him. His feet are about three feet up from the parking lot, and the space is small, so Olivia elected to stay in the car.

Our next stop was the Kentucky Welcome Center. We are very disappointed in this Welcome Center. Most of the time they are fun places with good photo opportunities, but this one is just an old house with a cheesy sign. Kentucky is the first of our new states on the road trip.

Kentucky also doesn’t have any fun stopping points for us. Thank dog, it is only a short part of our trip. Sadly, along our route we did see some of the destruction but since we were driving on the highway, we could not get photos. The one above is some of the large pieces along the roadside we saw. Crews were out actively picking things up as we passed.

Day two also took us into Tennessee and Georgia. We will post more on those states next week as they have a lot of good spots to stop and visit. If you are wondering where the Christmas Peanuts are from our post yesterday, the correct answer is Plains, Georgia 🙂