Today we have the master results of our sniffing weekend. All three of us went to a local AKC Scent Work Trial Sunday and Monday. For Bailie it was a total flop, but Madison had some good searches and I reached my goal.

All of us are at the Masters Level now. Madison had four buried hide searches and two container searches. She aced her first buried hide search even getting third place! In the other buried hide searches, she hit some snags. For some reason, she doesn’t stay at water hides, so Mom doesn’t call them and they fail. Needless to say, she only got the one Q in buried hides but they will work on things for next time. Amazingly, she Q’d in both her container searches! Overall, Madison Q’d in half her searches and Mom is happy. She and Madison are starting to jive much better in sniffing these days.

My biggest weekend goal was to finish my overall Masters Title. I only had to pass one of two container searches to earn it. Of course, being the sniffer I am, I passed both my container searches with no problem and earned my Scent Work Masters Title. I’m the first in our family to earn this title and I am super proud of myself. Each day I also had one detective search. I missed one hide in each one, but Mom says I was still fantastic. We are both super happy with the job we did and in time I will start getting some detective Q’s. For now we are super satisfied with our Master results.

To celebrate my new title we stopped at the butcher shop on the way home and got some marrow bones. Mom let me have the one with all the meat on it. Boy was it tasty! My sisters are happy I earned my overall Masters Title, but they are extra happy because of the celebratory bones!

Now for a bit of humor. Mom and I wanted a photo together, but I wanted to keep kissing my mom. You know I am her Velcro dog, Mom’s girl, her special pup. Being close to her and loving on her is one of my favorite things to do. Still being just two and having the Master Title is a big deal and I want to make sure Mom knows she is the best teammate I could have.