We love the great outdoors at our house, and when we come across beautiful things it is even better! Not to sound like I have a big ego, but I think this photo of me is very nice and I’m outside. The outdoors make such a perfect scene for great photos.

This is a silly shot of me on top of a pile of wood chips. If anyone ever wanted to see my full profile, this would be the time. We took all the photos in this post when we were on our walk last week during National Walk Your Dog Week. Since they are a bit more special, we saved them for today.

The best thing we found is this butterfly. it was just hanging out on the flowers, so Mom started to photograph it.

She was lucky enough to catch it spreading it’s wings. I guess they don’t have fear of dogs because I was right along side Mom who was only a few feet away from this flying wonder.

Finally it folded itself back up a bit before deciding to fly away from us.

Now back to me being cute since this is a dog blog and I was out in the great outdoors to have fun and have some cute photos of myself taken. Have a great week everyone and I wish you some wonderful Awww…moments!