The Minnehaha Creek is full, but not running over the banks. Mom and I are quite surprised as all the major rivers in our area are at flood stage and above right now. The good news is that the water level is high since last year it was almost completely dried up.

On the weekend we stopped on our way to Gramma’s house to check out the creek and take a little walk. It was really cold out, but if we are walking, we stay warm.

The rapids on the creek are running high on the rocks. There would be no trouble getting over them now. Sometimes people have to get out and carry their boat over.

Here is the view from the other direction. The water sure looks cold, doesn’t it?

This mallard doesn’t seem bothered by the high water or the cold. He is enjoying just having plenty of water I think.

The creek is definitely wider than normal. We have come here to walk several times when the water covered the path, so this is really not all that high I guess.

Normally we don’t see much water in the swamp, but there is quite a bit now. I figure the creatures who live there are enjoying it.

Mom and I had a nice walk, but it was time to get back to the car and warm up. The creek is full, now we know that. If we want to see flood waters, we will have to look elsewhere!