Nelson and I took a walk along the Canon River yesterday. He had nose work trials at the fairgrounds and I went along to be his personal cheerleader. We had a big break between the trials which is when we walked along the river.

The trail ends at the railroad bridge, so we walked down that far and then turned around. Thankfully, the river was full, but not flooded. We have gone to Faribault many times for sniffing events, but we have never seen the river this high.

As it is by our house, lots of Mallards were hanging around and swimming. I guess all the ducks are sitting on their nests like our duck, Missy.

Walking the other direction, the trail ends at the woolen mills. Mom used to go there as a little girl sometimes when they took a Sunday drive to Faribault. The factory has been refurbished and is now working like crazy producing lots of blankets and things.

For the last of our photos along the Canon River, we saved the big Adirondack chair. I have taken a photo here before, but never with any of my siblings. Mom lifted us up so we could pose for the photo and then she helped us back down. You know we love finding giant Adirondack chairs. Emma started the tradition back in 2014. It was a fun little walk for us.