I’m a stick happy hound sometimes. We have a lot of sticks in our yard this spring because of all the heavy snow we had. Mom has picked up the bigger ones but she is waiting to mow over the smaller ones. In the meantime, we are having fun playing with them.

There is no need to have someone to play with. I’m perfectly happy to just race around on my own carrying and tossing my stick.

If anyone is interested in the state of my teeth, have a look at these shiny, bottom, front teeth. Careful, you may need sunglasses as they are very shiny!

Leaping is something I love to do. I leap up into my mom’s arms, and I also leap around the yard simply because I enjoy leaping. My stick seems to like the leaping feeling too.

Isn’t this photo funny? My tail looks more like a big feather on my head! Let’s call it my tail feather, LOL!

When I’m stick happy like I was the other day, I could frolic around the yard all day long with my stick. Nelson was outside with me, but he has no interest in running with a stick like I do. Mom is happy as long as I am not chewing ans swallowing any stick pieces.

I think I hear my mom calling for me to come in and the word “snack” was mentioned, so I better listen. My stick will be there when I come back out later.