Why would a dog need stairs? At our house dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture, but we can get in bed with Mom. There is only one problem, we aren’t allowed to jump in and out of bed because it is really high and Mom doesn’t want us to get hurt. For this reason, I have always dreamed of stairs so I could get in and out of Mom’s bed on my own.

When Solvit™ Products asked if I would like to review and giveaway a set of their PupSTEP Wood Pet Stairs, I howled at the opportunity! My box arrived and I could barely handle it as it was really big for a dog like me but I was excited to see the actual stairs. Cat bro Bert had his eyes on the box.

With a bit of help from Mom, I managed to get the box open and the stairs out. They look real nice and were very nicely packed. Stairs like this would be helpful for little dogs, senior dogs, dogs who are injured, or can’t jump for other reasons. Stairs help us dogs get to those fine, comfy spots in the house we so love! Solvit Products offers several varieties of stairs, so if this set isn’t right for you, you can find a better fit.

Cat bro Bert was all over the box! If you order these stairs and have a cat, it is like a free giant cat toy with your order! Hours of fun in a box for cats!

While Mom was fussing around with Bert I climbed the stairs to nowhere. I simply couldn’t wait to test them out! Although they were in the middle of the room standing on their own, they were 100% stable with my 38 lbs climbing them.

I had Mom carry them upstairs for me. The stairs look great with our bedroom furniture and are just the right height for the big bed.

Time to give them a test run. I love the carpeted treads which makes them non-slip. The space between the treads is perfect too. In case you have questions on the actual size of my stairs, the extra large model measures 30″ long x 19″ wide x 25″ high; the treads are each 7.5 inches deep, 18 inches wide, and 6 inches apart.

I made it onto the bed all by myself! For safety reasons, there is a wood brace which locks into place preventing the stairs from collapsing when a dog is climbing.

Time to test out going down the stairs. I was a bit apprehensive but decided it would be safe and started down.

No problems at all, not too steep, not slippery, easy to climb down on. If you have thought about stairs for your pup, I highly recommend the PupSTEP Wood Pet Stairs from Solvit!