Wowzers, we are beginning our week three #MultiPetMania giveaway and today it is a picnic pack of healthy snacks from Merrick Pet Care! My family loves Merrick as a company and their products. They truly have pets’ health and taste buds in mind when they make their products!

Being Multiple Pet Mania Month, I enlisted the help of Katie and Bailie in reviewing the contents of our picnic pack. At the end of the post, you can enter the giveaway to win this same box for your family. I decided Katie would review the Kitchen Bites™, since we received Granny’s Pot Pie, and she is most like a granny. Bailie is a typical teenage girl – it is all about the boys and kisses, so I assigned her the Dental Chews™ to keep her breath nice and fresh. I was more than happy to review the Power Bites™ as I love these little snacks!

Katie being the most responsible of us three decided to read the brochure before getting down to testing. She concluded they all sounded real tasty!

Here is a look at the three varieties we got in our picnic pack.

The Merrick Kitchen Bites come in several flavors which are all based on the award winning Merrick classic cans of wet food recipes. Each flavor also has it’s own unique shape.

As you can see, Katie absolutely loved these treats. I’m not surprised, as we have never tasted anything from Merrick we did not like! You know it is good stuff when a well behaved senior girl like Katie tries to get more out of the bag on her own!

Bailie was eager to try out the Dental Chews. I certainly hope they clean her tongue too as it is always hanging out of her little mouth!

Ladies and gentleman, it looks like the Dental Chews are a winner! Look at the focus in Bailie’s eyes! Now if only she would learn to focus more on other things like her sports! The Dental Chews also come in several tasty varieties.

I love the Power Bites. Mom always has a couple bags in different flavors around the house for training purposes. They are small, healthy, low cal, and definitely get our attention! She even has a “secret” stash in her camera bag! Please don’t tell her I know about the stash.

Did you know deboned meat is always the #1 ingredient in these healthy snacks and they have industry leading levels of protein in each little piece! These are my favorite tiny training treats, but I do have one complaint. The bag opening is too small for a dog like myself to get her nose in. If I find an open bag lying around, I have to use my tongue to fish some out!