We are all enjoying the smells of a heatwave. Odor, aka smells, spread so much more when the air is warm and the sun is shining. The three of us have been really doing a lot of sniffing now that we are about fifty degrees warmer than we were in the long Arctic blast.

Heat and sunshine cause odor to really spread, old causes it to drop and not spread much at all. With a balmy forty degrees and lots of sun, smells are waking up in our yard!

All of us love to air scent. Madison is doing some herself. I wonder if she is catching the stink of a squirrel, or the smelly cows down the road?

Most of the time, I find Olivia is a bit of a pest. She thinks I am fascinating and likes to learn from me. Mom says we are very similar in personality which is why we probably irritate each other often. For Olivia it is always fun to do what I am doing including following the smells of a heatwave.

Madison is practicing walking with purpose. I think she is on the trail of a rabbit. There are a lot of rabbits out and about since the deep freeze left town.

As always, Olivia is racing about. She loves to run. Sometimes she even runs when she is searching at a competition. The girl is simply a bit crazy! The fresh smells are nice, but it is warm and melty and we are not thrilled about it. We would like a few more weeks with our cold and snow, but we get what we get. Thankfully, the smells are interesting.