Last Saturday, I had a super fun mommy and me shopping and outdoor day. Not only did we work on Christmas shopping at local stores, we found some fun murals, and I also found an absolutely awful inflatable I have so show you all!

My sisters have been to Brainerd and seen Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. Since I am not big on traveling, finding a mural of them was a jackpot. Now I have my own photo with these two Minnesota icons!

We also visited the “You Betcha” mural outside the same Sota Clothing store. If you know anything about Minnesota, you know they love to say, “you betcha”.

After some shopping and photos, I got to go to one of the dog parks we like because it is big with lots of room to walk around. Mom was being slow, so I was turned around checking to make sure she was still coming along.

I found this stump to pose with. They have done a lot of tree work at this park, this is what is left of one of the trees I guess.

It is rather sad with all the dead brown everywhere. We need snow around here, but the forecast doesn’t look good for snow in the near future. At least it is fairly cold. We don’t want warm weather anymore.

Mom was sad at the dog park. It wasn’t very busy, but most of the dogs at the park were fat, not overweight, really fat. Why humans let their dogs get so heavy we can’t understand, but it makes us sad.

Last but not least, this terrible inflatable we found! Do you see it behind me on the right? Oh my dog – how in the world did a squirrel get to pretend to be a Santa? These rotten critters have really gone to far now! It was all I could do to not rip down the inflatable. Someone has to stop the squirrels! Have a great weekend everyone!