My goal for the weekend was to earn my Scent Work Excellent Title and I did it! I attended a Scent Work Trial at a fairgrounds on Saturday. I had six runs for the day, but I only needed one pass in Excellent Buried Hides to earn my title. It was a hot and sunny day with temps in the eighties, so our car was covered in our shades and the fans were running on high. Luckily, I’m the only dog in the family that still works like a champ in the heat.

The first run of my day was buried hides. I rocked it in just fifty five seconds I found all three hides. The day started off great since my goal was reached and everything else would be just more Q’s I could use. Since the trial was hosted by the Northstar Rottweiler Club, I had to pose with the big Rottweiler and my new title ribbons…which are beautiful I must say! The stuffed guy is very friendly and I have no fear of him.

One thing about hounds is that we get bored easily and are not fans of repetition. I passed my two buried hide searches and then had two container searches. The container searches were a flop. I was tired of containers so I started playing with them, ignoring them and sniffing other stuff, and failed both, but it is alright as Mom was not really surprised.

In the afternoon I had my first Exterior Masters search and I passed it earning fourth place. I then had a Masters Interior search which Mom and I had a blast doing. I even earned second place! Mom says it is one of her favorite searches she has ever done. In masters you have to search and pass three interior rooms. If you fail a room you are done. We were speedy, and she trusted me which worked great.

Here I am at home with all my new ribbons, including my Buried Excellent Element Title and my Overall Scent Work Excellent Title, SWE. We had a super day of sniffing fun! Madison came along for the ride and was pretty bored, but she was a good sport. My new official name is shorter again because the overall title replaces the three element titles I had, but I don’t mind at all! Ethos Loving The Northland CGC SWE RATO BCAT ORT NW1 NW2 L1I