Last weekend I was at Sam’s Christmas Village. Mom and a friend took me along with them to check out this dog friendly holiday lights display. It was super amazing and even we dogs had a great time.

The parking lot is absolutely huge and then we walked down a pretty snowy walking path to the main entrance. This place is huge – over eight million lights and over a mile of walking trails through the displays.

To get to the lights, you pass through the light tunnel which goes down a hill, and the lights overhead change in color and patterns all the time. At first it was confusing for me, but I realized it is nothing to worry about.

Right out of the tunnel this train is waiting for the guests. Mom learned right away that taking photos of lights in the dark, and sometimes with me, is not easy. We did the best we could, but sometimes I may be a bit dark or things don’t seem correctly balanced.

The entire park is nestled into a forest of light. How would you like to put all these lights on the trees? It would be quite a job!

You will see the world as you walk around the trails. Peace is the word that we could not get into the photo. We think this globe is pretty. It can be seen in the light forest in the previous photo.

Don’t worry if you are lost in the forest of lights, somewhere in the world. This sign will help you to find your way to your destination.

Our weather friends are also here at Sam’s Christmas Village if you need a quick forecast. This photo frame opp is really high up. I stretched as long as I could to get my eyes and nose into the frame. Do you see me in there on the bottom right side?

At one point some camels were walking along side of the walking path.

It turns out they are headed to the manger straight ahead!

Thankfully they have the jumbo Adirondack chairs all over the place. Sometimes a girl needs to just put her paws up for a while. You know my sisters and I love to find these big chairs.

Santa is also hanging out at Sam’s Christmas Village. This guy is absolutely huge, but I was not at all afraid of him.

Real Santa is also here, but I didn’t want to wait in line to see him. Instead, I found the other side of the truck he was at to take a cute old truck photo.

The night we went was military night. There is an entire area with all military items in lights. We like the bright green tank the best.

As I said, Sam’s is a huge place, so rather than show you way too many photos, I am saving some for next Friday. Stop back next week to see what else we found!