Nothing beats a good roll in the leaves in my book! Our October record snowfall has all melted away. Temperatures have been cool, with lots of wind to dry out all the fallen leaves. Boy does it feel nice to use the natural back scratchers.

I spend a lot of time on my back, wriggling this way an that way in the leaves on the grass.

Mom is always so happy when I roll in the leaves because they attach to my furs and hitch a ride into the house on me. She says we have almost as many leave in the house as we have on the lawn.

My sisters are weird as they don’t roll around in the leaves like I do. I can’t understand why they don’t because a good roll in the leaves feels so great! They do enjoy playing in the leaves, though, if Mom rakes them into piles, and so do i.

Whew, all that rolling around kind of makes a girl feel a bit dizzy! Time to get up, straighten up, and get a game of chase going with Olivia! Happy leafing everyone!