I’m thankful for a good rehab check up on Tuesday. It has been about six weeks since I had x-rays done and my doctor set up a treatment plan for my limping issue. I started taking adequan injections every four days for eight injections to “load up”. After my last one I will get one injection every four weeks. Mom gives me my injections at home and I don’t mind at all. Adequan is an FDA-approved disease-modifying osteoarthritis drug  that inhibits cartilage loss in a dog’s joints.

Waiting for my appointment is the hard part because I never know what they may do to me. Mom was worried about the treatment not working. I pant a lot and my tongue really hangs out when I am nervous.

We got into the treatment room where I was greeted with the jumbo jar of freeze dried liver. My doctor had a lot of questions for us and she was impressed my mom had such good notes on exactly when and how I improved. I got a good going over by my doctor. She could not believe I am almost seven because my body is in such fantastic shape. Very lean and muscular girl is what she said. While I got examined I got to eat about a hundred treats which I just love!

My doctor asked if I have been active or not and when Mom told her what I do every day, she was impressed. My limp is totally gone, the swelling and pain in and around my joints is completely gone. She didn’t expect such a good recovery from just the injections. I also got a chiropractic adjustment which felt amazing!

The rehab check up was everything we hoped for. I will get the one injection every four weeks and go back for another check in four months. If any issues come up, I can get an appointment quickly but hopefully that won’t happen. Now I need to get busy and enter some FastCAT trials so I can catch up to Olivia!