Will Punxy Phil see his shadow today on Groundhog Day 2023? You may recall, we visited Punxsutawney when we were in Pennsylvania in December. Since we sniffed around where that critter hangs out to forecast the weather, we will be glued to the TV today to watch for Phil. I’ll be wearing my Punxsutawney Groundhog t-shirt in honor of the occasion.

It is amazing they let you go up on stage that is on TV and sniff around as much as you want. I was hoping to find that varmint and get a taste, but he was not in his log where he belongs. He definitely left a scent trail, though.

Because it was a walk and quite icy, I am the only one Mom took up on stage. Madison stopped at the main entrance to the amphitheater where the event is held.

Nelson checked out the gates at the entrance to Gobbler’s Knob. for us.

In case you don’t know the story behind Groundhog Day, you can take a read to update your memory. We had no idea it is an old tradition started by Germans. Now we know. Funny we celebrate this tradition but the Germans don’t. Shouldn’t Phil really be living in Germany? I am a bit confused on this point.

Here I am on the big stage. I can’t wait to see it on the TV today! I can say my paws have walked that stage! We are all thankful we get to travel around and see famous places like this. One thing is for sure, it was deserted when we were there and that was great. We would not want to be there in the crowds today! Hopefully he will see his shadow as we would love more winter at our house.

That is my report from the weather capital of the world. Phil, you can come out now and show us what you know about the weather! If anyone wants more information on this whole Groundhog thing, the sign above may be of help.