The day after pulling an all-nighter is a tough one for cat bro Bert. We know he has a lot of fans, so we are letting him do a post once again. We had some warmer weather earlier in the week and Bert decided to stay out all night a few times. Now with the cold coming in, we don’t think he will be outside much at all, let alone all night.

Our pet sitter says he is just like a dog because if the weather isn’t great, he waits at the door to go out, does his business and meows to come back in. This week with warmer weather he spent a bit more time out in the yard.

He loves the sunshine, but it isn’t shining a lot in our yard at this time of year since the backyard is on the north side of the house. Still, he finds the sun and enjoys it.

Bert enjoys being out in the yard during the day when we dogs are out with him. He wanders around watching everything we do.

We all go out to use the “facilities” before bed and this week, a couple nights, Bert was there right with us waiting to go out. He is not dumb. The cat knows we go to bed after we come back in, so if he decides not to come in, it will be all night outside for him. Since there is no bed or real shelter in the yard, we don’t know where he naps, or what he does all night. We do know he is exhausted the next day and he will sleep all day.

It appears that his “do not disturb” sign is missing, so he has to compromise by burying his head. Pulling an all-nighter means a guy needs some good solid sleep when he comes back in the house.

If you really want to know how exhausting it is for a cat to stay out all night, check out this sleeping pose. We can’t wait to see how this guy handles the cold and below zero weather. We think he will turn back into an indoor cat all on his own until spring!