It’s spring cleaning time, and at our house, pet friendly cleaning products are important! With five of us furs all over the house, we can’t be cleaning with hazardous cleaners. Thankfully, we found PL360 plant based cleaning products. PL360 was at BlogPaws last year, and afterwards we got several of their cleaning products to try, and we were quite impressed! Just because they are plant based, and natural does not mean they don’t have cleaning power!

Around our house, the whole family needs to pitch in and help out with cleaning! Katie didn’t have to participate this year, and Sophie was MIA, but that left Bailie, cat bro Bert, and me to get the job done! Our very favorite product is the Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes. I was in charge of cleaning the big tub with these wipes.

The PL360 Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes come in a package of 75 and are scent free. They are ideal for a wide variety of surfaces including: dog and cat toys, small animal cages, water dishes, food bowls, countertops, stainless steel, tiles, walls, and cabinets. They are so easy to use! Just pull one out, tear it off the roll, and start wiping!

Bailie took the wipes outside to clean off our patio furniture. Now that is a seriously dirty mess! Another thing we love about the wipes is that they are great for transporting. If you are traveling, they are handy to keep in the car to clean up any messes that may occur!

As you can see from the dirt on the formerly white, wipe, the dirt is coming right off the table after accumulating for months over the winter! Being plant based and all natural, it isn’t a problem if Bailie licks her paws after using the cleaning wipes, or if she happens to lick off something on the table. This is important for homes with pets and even homes with small children!

Squeaky ball is Bailie’s favorite toy, but after sixteen months of being dragged around and squeaked, he was a bit “nasty” looking. No problem! Bailie simply pulled out a PL360 Cleaning Wipe and scrubbed him down. He is now shiny clean, and she can carry him around in her mouth right away without the dangers of cleaning chemicals to worry about.

Cat bro Bert is a real naughty cat! He insists on jumping on the counters which my mom just hates. Now that we have found the PL360 Multi Surface Cleaner spray, it isn’t a big deal to clean the counter before using it to prepare food. It, like the cleaning wipes is all natural, and plant based. It may not have chemicals, but it does a number on grease and dirt with very little effort. Bert read the bottle himself and agreed to try it out for us.

We use it with a paper towel to clean up messes. There is a stream and spray option too on the spray selector. Now that cat bro Bert knows how easy it is to clean the counters, he no longer has any bad feelings about walking all over them. That would be the only negative we have found with PL360!

Last but not least, I had to actually remove the fancy nose art from my front window. I have worked hard on the design, but Mom said it had to go. The multi surface cleaner in a citrus scent is the ideal cleaner for this job!

It’s a great way to get the slobber and nose prints off of glass in a jiffy. Simply spray it on the window and wipe it down.

When I finished, I gave my Mom the “are you happy now” look. I guess I have to start working on my nose art again!

We are huge PL360 fans, and we want you to give it a try too! We know you will love their products as much as we do! PL360 is offering a mega giveaway of more than $150 of PL360 cleaners! Simply enter through the giveaway widget below.