Today is the beginning of week 2 of the Multiple Pet Mania Month giveaway, this week we are reviewing and giving away pet friendly products from PL360. I stopped by the PL360 booth at BlogPaws to find out a little bit more about the company and their products. I met their marketing manager, Katie, who was very helpful, but nothing like my sister Katie. She is tall, but then again, everyone is tall compared to me, she is human, and she has long dark hair, whereas my sister has white hair. Nevertheless, I really liked her and she was quite helpful.

I got a bunch products to review, and one lucky winner will receive a similar PL360 Pet Care Package of all natural home and pet cleaning supplies valued at $75. ! This sure is a lot of stuff for a GBGV to get her paws on! All the PL360 grooming and household products are plant based, meaning if I do get my paws on them, I won’t be harmed in any way. PL360 is a company that has been around for over fourteen years and focuses on making pet care products that easily keep pets healthy, happy, and clean, with natural ingredients that are safe for pets.

With six products to review and being Multiple Pet Mania Month, I enlisted the help of all my siblings to review these products.

Katie started out testing the Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder. One of the main ingredients besides the plant based products is baking soda. It has a pleasant light odor, nothing overpowering. Simply shake the powder on the carpet, maybe high traffic areas, or areas your pets lie on a lot, wait a few minutes and vacuum. I had to vacuum since Katie is afraid of the vacuum. It worked well and didn’t leave a bad “after scent”.

Next up I assigned cat bro Bert to the Multi Surface Cleaner. The darn cat is always on the counter, which means, Mom is always having to wipe down the counters. A pet friendly product is important as Bert will get any left over residue on his paws. It can also be used to clean windows, pet toys, cages, water or food bowls, and more. This cleaner worked like a charm and has a light citrus scent. Sadly, Mom tested it on the front window, and my nose art was all wiped away. It made her happy, but me, sad.

I took on the Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes and loved them! These are our favorite of the six products! They are pretty much the same as the cleaner Bert tested, just in convenient wipe form. I decided to clean out Bailie’s kennel for a real test. She uses it at nose work, and it is really dirty, and grimy on the bottom and sides. With a little paw pressure on the wipes, I was able to get the kennel sparkly clean, and there are no chemicals which could harm her if she should lick the floor or walls.

Sophie was up for the Stain & Odor Remover. As usual, she was mad about participating, as well as embarrassed because of the product I gave her. She is the one who tosses up hairballs on the carpet, so this spray is made for her. In order to calm things down, Katie also sat with her, since she also tends to have the occasional vomiting accident on the carpet. The cleaner worked well to get up the most recent spot we had, and it leaves a slight, pleasant citrus odor.

Dear sweet Bailie drew the short straw and got to review the shampoo! She is not real big on baths, but she did a fine job. She only needed one bath, so she elected to try out the Daily Grooming Shampoo. It went on easily, lathered up nicely, but not too much, and was easy to rinse off. Mom said Bailie smelled heavenly after her bath, and her fur was nice and soft! Bailie has thin fur on her legs which sometimes itches, so we also got a bottle of Oatmeal Foaming Shampoo for dogs with dry or itchy skin. We will try it on Bailie another time.

We try to be environmentally friendly at our house, but haven’t really delved into natural cleaning products until now. Mom was pleasantly surprised at how well these products work, and she loves that they are pet friendly, since our little paws and tongues are all over stuff. My siblings and I give PL360 twenty paws up!