Saturday, Panoway on Wayzata Bay was on our agenda. Mom and I were going to visit Gramma, it was sunny, -8 Fahrenheit, and we thought it was ideal to visit this display. Normally it is really crowded and even parking is tough. With the cold weather we could have a  quick visit all to ourselves! This big star is full of lights, but during the day, they can’t really be seen. Still, I feel like a star! Wayzata Bay on Lake Minnetonka is behind us. You can see some of the ice houses out there.

We love the display which covers several block of lake shore, but I do feel there is some discrimination going on. This fun photo frame is obviously made for adult humans. What about us dogs, or even kids? I stretched out as long as I could to get my little mug into the frame. Maybe they will get a shorter frame some day.

The wall of ice was pretty cool to see, and they have some miscellaneous ice sculptures set up in front of it. Dogs have to be very careful to not touch them, or get to close with a wagging tail.

They have a lot of tables for people to sit at and several areas for bonfires. I think someone comes by to split logs for the fires sometimes because there are a lot of big logs near the fire pits. The fire areas themselves have Adirondack chairs. I decided to become a bump on a log for a photo.

We walked along the path down the lake shore. I stopped to look out over the frozen lake and sniff the air. Being below zero makes it chilly, but Mom and I are good at staying warm when we are out and about in the cold. My furs do look a bit puffed in this shot.

Our favorite find in the Panoway on Wayzata Bay is this snowflake, probably since it is winter!  It must be really pretty at night, but we are not going to visit at nighttime.

On the way back to our car, we stumbled onto this cute little mural on a side street. We really like it, and it is such a fun contrast to the wintery day! In the summer the Panoway has summer displays and activities. Maybe we will come back in the summertime to take a look at it in warm weather with boats on the water.