What Dogs And Their Humans Are Thankful For

What are dogs and their humans thankful for? We are good for each other for too many reasons to count. For today, I decided on six things for us dogs and six for the humans to share with you. Let’s start with why we pups are so thankful for our humans. This first one is […]

Baby Steps In Elite For Team Pink

It’s baby steps in Elite for Team Pink. Olivia and I are completely opposite in nose work, so Mom and I need to find our own groove. It is going to be a slow process, but we are not quitters and don’t intend to give up. I love sniffing and we will get better and […]

The Making Of Mr. Handsome

The making of Mr. Handsome is a rather simple recipe. One needs a handsome hound, such as me, Nelson, cool shades, a trending hat, and the right bow tie. Friends of ours were at Disney recently and they brought back a summer bow tie for me. They know I love my bow ties. Isn’t it […]

Our Life With A Cranky Old Man Cat Named Bert

Our life with a cranky old man cat named Bert is not always easy. A little over a year ago when he was losing all his fur, no one believed how old he was. Something happened the months following that time because he suddenly became really old. He is also a lot more cranky than […]

Dam Beaver, Big Bison, Green Tripe, Oh My!

Dam beaver, big bison, green tripe, it is making my mouth water just writing it down! What to feed us has been evolving since Mom got her first dog almost thirty years ago. Dog foods have also been evolving during this time.  Mom switched from cheap kibble all the way up to supposedly the best […]

Madison Says: Happiness Is…Rolling Around In The Grass

Happiness to me is rolling around in the grass. My furs are not orderly, my back has some itches, and I need a place to scratch it and stretch out. The lawn is an ideal place. No one else in my family rolls around like I do. It feels so good! Get those front legs […]

Bailie At The Hopkins Raspberry Festival

Saturday, Mom and I went to the Hopkins Raspberry Festival. It is the eighty ninth year, but Mom has never gone, despite growing up just a few miles from it. I’m the best dog to bring to events like these because I’m big enough that no one will step on me. Being polite with other […]

The Second Day Trip Up North This Week

Yesterday we had the second day trip up north of the week. Sunday was Nelson’s nose work trial, and yesterday it was for me to have a private nose work lesson. My instructor rented the school in Barnum so we could search there. Mom and I had a great time and learned a lot. On […]

Madison’s Yearly Vet Visit Check Up

Yesterday I had my yearly vet visit check up. We girls dread going to the vet as we get all scared. See my panting in my photo and what you don’t see is my quivering. It’s a scary place. Well, actually, Nelson doesn’t mind going to the vet at all. He seems to have no […]

Woo Hoo – Nelson Earned His NW2

Woo Hoo! I earned my NW2 and broke a family record too! But first, I have to tell you we got up at 3:30 am to drive up north to Brainerd for my nose work trial. Let me tell you, that is early. Before arriving at our destination, we stopped and saw Paul Bunyan. Remember […]