We are enjoying our second fall of the year. This year the leaves were absolutely beautiful early in the season, but then we had our big snowstorm. All the leaves were either under the snow, or falling off the trees onto the snow. The snow was such a surprise, no one even had time to do any raking. With our second fall, we get to have our fun playing in the leaves now that they are dry.

When Mom bought our house, it was a new development, so there weren’t many trees or leaves. She planted several trees in the yard, and since about two years ago, we have lots of fall leaves to play in on the grass. This week, Mom raked up a few piles for us to play in before she took out the mower and mulched them all up. Last year Olivia really had a blast in the leaves, but she was a young pup back then.

Olivia wanted to play with her Pup A Brewski toy in the leaves. That toy has been around and is pretty dirty and broken, but she still loves it. I think she wanted someone to chase her into the leaf pile with it.

Mom tossed it into the leaf pile. I was close to the pile, so I was able to dive right in and capture it.

Once I let it go, Mom tossed it again, and this time Olivia was not going to lose out. She flew over to the leaf pile and snatched up her beloved toy!

Bailie checked out the leaf pile but wasn’t into getting all crazy and wild in the leaves like Olivia and I were. She was more into checking for critter smells that might be buried in the pile.

The second fall has been fun, but I think it is about to end next week. Mom mulched down all the leaves now, so we don’t have any to play in until our last trees finally let go of their leaves. Have a fun weekend everyone!