It’s our Friday variety show in photos! The past week or two have been really busy with Mom’s work, sports and travel on the weekends, lots of sports classes, and other things. We have some photos left over, and we decided to just toss them all together in one post and that is today! We are starting with me and my hedgehog. Sometimes I grab him and run circles around our first floor. For me it is fun.

Did you know today is Sewing Machine Day? Madison decided to try sewing in honor of this day. So far it is not really working out for her. I guess you will never know if you don’t try, right?

We have two outtakes from Madison’s birthday party for our variety show. Mom wanted a family photo with us all wearing our hats. Nelson agreed to wear the hat, but he was trying to slowly sneak in and grab a dessert. Madison almost got completely cut out of the photo because Mom was so focused on making sure Nelson didn’t steal anything.

Once the dessert was dished up, at least the first cake was served, Nelson lost the hat, but sure looks happy with the entire piece in his mouth!

Today is also World Elephant Day. Since we don’t have any elephants at our house and we are not allowed at the zoo just a few miles down the road, we are using our elephant photo from last September. He is a super nice and very smart elephant. If you have an elephant, be extra nice to her today.

We leave you with Nelson sleeping. His conformation class really wears him out. He has to learn a lot as does Mom but he is exhausted when he gets home. We don’t know how he can even sleep like this, but he did for like two hours!