My new ribbons and my search videos have all arrived from my Elite Nose Work Trial on August 7th. The NACSW did a great job getting me the ribbons I didn’t get at the actual trial. The only bummer is that we didn’t take any photos at the trial because we didn’t know we were getting all the titles. Now everything is all good and we are super happy!

In case you don’t remember, which you probably don’t, I earned my Elite 2 Title, third place overall in the trial out of thirty dogs, and a second place in the locker search. These are super nice ribbons and we love how they are all different.

The bigger the rosette and the longer the tails, the more important the ribbon is it seems. Mom is so very proud of me. She never imagined having such success with any of her dogs.

My videos are all here and are fun to watch, but I know you all don’t need to watch all four of them. I’m posting my locker search today where I earned second place, just eight seconds slower than the first place dog. I can smell first place and we are going to try to keep improving every trial. Notice all the lockers? Hides can be anywhere, but Mom trusts me to catch a scent and if I don’t go to every locker, she trusts me to know there is nothing there. It is very hard for humans but she is pretty trusting of me because I prove myself over and over.

This search had an unknown number of hides and five and a half minutes to search the entire area. We found five hides in 3:13. Mom decided I was done working and called finish. She needs to do this more, but she is working on that. Hope you enjoy watching me work!

I’m ready to do more trials, sniffing is the most fun thing ever in my opinion and Mom and I enjoy working together so much! Hopefully we will have even more fun next time and maybe earn some more pretty ribbons for my collection!