How about some fun and/or pretty Friday finds from my walk? Of course, Orange girl is all set to go in orange, with a proper camera to capture anything nice. It was hot and humid, but Mom and I still had a nice walk.

Let’s get this party started with something orange, like this beautiful lily. We only have yellow ones at our house for some reason, so I go elsewhere to find pretty orange ones.

This is some kind of sunflower I think. It is quite pretty, mostly because of the orange, right?

I am a hunter like my siblings, but I don’t go as wild as they do for rabbits. Mom tried having me sit and stay while she took a photo of this rabbit. Can you believe I did it! She could never get them to sit still for anything if there was a rabbit right there. Mom loves to take us on alone walks with her because we are all the same but very different. It is fun to be able to do things we normally couldn’t do.

These lilies are Mom’s favorite. They are quite pretty for not being orange. We don’t know what kind they are, but they are different from the orange plant.

If you happen to live in a tiny house, you may want to invest in these tiny flowers. They are only about a half inch in diameter. Mom calls them tiny daisies. They are growing wild by the creek.

Then we have our beautiful snowball bush which was so perfect and huge until Monday night. We had a big storm with heavy rain, wind, and big hail. Our bush got beaten up pretty badly. Hopefully with some sunshine and time it will stand up tall and proud again soon.

To end our Friday finds walk, we will give you some musical frogs. They are the favorite find of our walk. You know we love silly at our house, and these three sure are silly. Their singing and music could cause a hound to croak, LOL!

Meanwhile, back at home, I had breakfast and then passed out for a while. The heat and humidity is really tiring. Have a fun weekend! I know we have sports every day, so I need my rest.