The old man cat, aka, cat bro Bert is back to going outside. He only goes out on dry days and prefers those days that are sunny and warm. As always, he thinks he is a dog and he enjoys hanging out with any of us that are outside with him.

This year, he has already spent a couple nights outside. Some nights he races out when we go out for our pre-bedtime potty break.If he does, that means he is out for the night. At least if necessary, he has shelter under the grill, table, or the pine trees. One morning he did come in sopping wet as it was pouring out.

Despite the love of being outside, Bert is very different this year. Mom says he aged about five years since last fall. Even when he goes out, he rarely stays out for more than a few hours. He does tour the yard and thinks it is his giant litter box. Mom is not happy about this, but it is what it is. We all line up to come inside, and that includes Bert.

Now that Mom has the deck furniture out, Bert enjoys napping under it. If it gets to warm, he only has to move a little bit to find some shade to cool off.

He also loves to roll around when he changes positions. We think the old man cat can get his back scratched on the wood doing that.

Down in the yard he is a real pest, always trying to get in on whatever we pups are doing. I don’t mind Bert too much, but Madison says she is “over that cat.” If he really bugs me, I can chase him and get him to leave me alone that way.

We love this shot Mom took of Bert up on the deck between the bottom of the railing and the deck floor. No one knows if this cat will last forever or not, but we will put up with him as long as he is around.