It was off to Iowa on Friday! Me, Madison, had a nose work trial in Martensdale, Iowa. Olivia loves to travel, so she gets to ride along. We left on Friday morning so we could make some stops along the way. There is one place we always enjoy stopping to go for walks if the weather is nice. It isn’t especially exciting, but we like the walking trails through the fields and woods. During the week it isn’t very busy which is ideal for us.

Here we are posing on a pile of logs. The weather was warm, around sixty degrees, and the sun was out most of the time. It feels good to get out and stretch our legs after riding for a couple hours.

We always stay at the same hotel in DesMoines because it is nice, dog friendly, and has everything we need within a couple blocks. After checking in, Mom did some work on her computer, and then we went for a nice walk around the lake that is just down the road. Dinner is always served right after our evening walk, and then we are ready for a little nap. Olivia claims the corner chair is for her. I let her have it.

I am happy to crash on the bed, it has more space and I think it it more comfortable. Comfy is big for me!

Eventually, Olivia gets tired of guarding things and realizes she wants to do what I am doing. I am enjoying my rest on the foot of the bed, while she enjoys a spot up by the pillows. Mom went out to dinner with our niece, so we stayed in the room and did our napping. We girls need our beauty rest!