Who wants to watch me and my nose at work? I just got my videos back from my Level 3 Interior Element Trial. I earned my title on my first try, and I was also the third fastest of the twenty two dogs. Mom is getting better at working with me and trusting me all the time too. We have a lot of fun together!

My nose is really my favorite thing to use in life. I am busy sniffing pretty much all day every day. Mom also tells me my nose is very kissable. I can’t imagine not having a nose like mine since I have always had it with me.

In the video, you will see my four searches. The number of hides is unknown, they give us a range like zero to two or one to three. It is the range part that messes with the human’s mind but Mom reads me well and I do my best to tell her when I have found everything there is to find. Hope you enjoy watching my nose at work! I sure am thankful when they offer videos so we can see how we worked and how we can do better next time.