Hip, hip, hooray, I’m turning lucky seven today! I’m all fancied, ready to let loose and have a pawtastic day! For my online friends, without further ado, I have my birthday photo shoot for you.

How do you like my brand new party hat? My friends Rosy and Sunny told my mom where to get pawsome party hats and they are right. Bailie got her hat from the same place in June. The Sand Dollar Dog Company not only has hats, they have bow ties for guys like my little brother, Nelson, bandanas, and more. I told my mom think pink and I got bold pink pom poms. My hat is just perfect for me.

Because my photographer has odd ideas, we decided to give this photo shoot a Dr. Seuss twist, have you noticed? Do you like my hat on a hound, on a rock, in the shape of a block?

Mom and I went to a park on a lark to do my birthday photos. The weather was hot a lot of people there were not. My ears are hanging low, and my tongue is wiggling to and fro.

Oh look it is a cute, little dog on a big log.

I’m turning lucky seven today and am sitting in the sun on a bridge. I’d rather be home in the fridge.

There is no elf on the shelf. Guess again! It’s me, the birthday girl giving this cabinet a whirl. Give me a wink if you see my pink.

We are back at the lake and I am starting to think about my pink birthday cake. When we get to eat, for all it will be such a treat. We have to now hurry as the birthday girl can’t be tardy for her seventh birthday party. Now I must ask, “Do you like my hat?” Don’t be remiss and miss my party recap tomorrow.

PS: When Mom picked up my cake yesterday, she saw a name she recognized on the sign (and in pink too) 🙂