Life is better with Furballz, at least it is the case at our house. There are four of us and four Furballz. At least one of them is being played or cuddled with pretty much all the time. We often take them with us when napping so no one can steal them.

For Bailie, Furballz make her smile. Even though she isn’t actually hanging onto the Furballz, Nelson knows she has claimed it and he won’t steal. Mom is amused at how we steal them from each other whenever we get a chance.

Nelson knows that resting on the Furballz will keep it protected. Life doesn’t get better than your favorite chair and a Furballz, if you ask our little brother.

Life is better and so is napping with a Furballz. Even Mom uses them as a pillow sometimes when she decides to lay on the floor. Olivia loves to cuddle with them when she is napping.

Do you know what the craziest thing of all is with Furballz? Our mom loves them too and we catch her playing with them sometimes. She likes to take photos of them too. Guess who put them like this on the stairs?