I didn’t have a lot of life events or milestones while I have been nine years old, but a couple of things did happen. I’ve put my milestones into two categories for you.

Life Event One – Traveling To Three New States

Mom still can’t believe I don’t like the car and I dislike traveling. Trying to be nice, she included me on the Montana road trip in September. Needless to say, for the most part, it was a total failure. I was edgy, unhappy, and I didn’t do my nose work. She wasn’t mad, just sad because she wishes I would enjoy traveling and sports like my siblings do.

On the way out to Montana, we traveled through North Dakota which is a new state for me.

While in North Dakota, we visited my first National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is a very nice place, but quite stressful to deal with the drive to get there.

The park has the Badlands in it, so I got to experience some of the Badlands.

Next up we arrived in Montana. The only state sign is on a busy road. Mom didn’t want any of us to run and get on the highway, so she posed with us.

My final new state was Wyoming. They sure have a nice welcome center. With these three new states I have now visited a total of twenty four states in my life. Not bad for a dog who doesn’t like to travel.

Life Event One – Earning My DCAT Title

The more fun of my life events this past year was earning my DCAT Title in FastCAT. Running FastCAT is really fun and as you can see from my smile, I love it. This is from my final run when I earned my title.

Here I am with my final two Q’s and my really nice DCAT ribbon. I won’t be running anymore FastCAT as I have some arthritis and after a run or two, I often limp. Getting my FCAT would be pawsome but at about sixteen points a run, getting five hundred more points would mean a lot of running.

Today is my last day to be nine, so what will turning ten mean?

  • I have been loved for ten years
  • I have been loved for one hundred twenty months
  • I have been loved for five hundred twenty one weeks
  • I have been loved for three thousand six hundred and fifty days
  • I have been loved for eighty seven thousand six hundred hours
  • Which all adds up to five million two hundred and fifty six thousand minutes of being loved

I’m super lucky to have had so much love my first decade on this planet, and I look forward to adding more love every day for the next ten years if I am so blessed.