We are letting the good times roll once again at our house. Now that Nelson is cleared to do whatever he wants, the wild pants are coming back out. We never realized how much fun he provides until he was missing in action for ten days. Thank dog he is back!

Before getting to the outdoor activities, we would like to apologize to our Furballz. It seems that while we were enjoying ourselves outside, all five of them ended up in the washing machine. They never go in the dryer. Mom says they needed a clean up. I guess they do look better, but we kind of liked them all dirty and smelly. Humans can be so weird! The purple one even spent a night outside recently. Thankfully he survived and was not kidnapped or anything.

Nelson is sad he missed the fresh powder last week, but it isn’t a big deal. We have plenty of snow for him to tear around in. After doing nothing but resting for ten days, he has a lot of pent up energy to burn off this week.

He appreciates the paths we made in the snow, especially the perimeter ones. We all enjoy doing perimeter checks.

Madison isn’t so wild out there with Nelson. She does her thing and he follows her around.

Being a small GBGV means Madison can walk on top of the frozen snow. The rest of us fall right through the crust.

Bailie has been wild with Nelson in the house recently, but outside, she is doing her thing and ignoring him for the most part. They did pose together for one photo.

Mom has been worried about Nelson’s eyes and the pine trees, but the eye doc said he is fine. Of course, he is determined to follow us all around under those trees and give Mom nerve issues, LOL!

The little fellow really enjoys following us all around to see what we are sniffing. It’s funny, because none of us girls ever follow Nelson!

Nelson and I did some sniffing together before we got busy with racing around the yard.

Suddenly, we stopped sniffing and let the good times roll! The chase is on just like it used to be. Did you know I was afraid of Nelson when he had the cone? I would growl and bark at him. Now I have realized he is still the same guy and we are besties again.

We have spent a lot of time this week frolicking around in the yard. Mom loves it because we are fun to watch and we sleep really well now too. Nelson is so happy to be able to be Nelson again too!

There isn’t much in the way of snow weather in the forecast, so we are going to enjoy the snow we have as long as we can!