Hot and steamy days mean wild evenings at our house! We had a week of perfect weather and then the dreaded summer weather appeared. Thankfully the evenings cool off a bit. I wonder where Nelson is? I’d like to get some chase going.

And we are off! Nelson and I are working on our speed for our FastCAT runs this summer.

Nelson is calling a pawing fault on me for illegal grabbing. Sometimes he tries to be a real rule follower.

I’ll show him! I can catch up to him anytime and he knows I am right on his furry behind.

Now we have changed roles and he is about to take me down!

Sometimes Nelson pins me down. I let him, but boy is he a heavy guy!

All is fair in love and war, right? I believe so. Watch as I take down Nelson.

Even the evening temps are in the seventies, so we need to take a break now and then to rest and cool off.

Breaks don’t last too long and we are back at it. Here we are shooting out from under the famous and fun pine trees!

We could romp and romp forever I think. After the hot and steamy days when we rest a lot, there is a lot of extra energy to be burned.

My little brother and I have so much fun together. Who knew brothers would be such a good thing to have? How is your summer going so far?