Do you know what is in your hometown? We figured out that we do not! Mom never goes into the town we live in. We’re on the far northern edge and have no reason to visit downtown…until now. Lakeville was on the news the other night and Mom almost fell out of bed when she saw some good photo opps in the background. Tuesday morning, she grabbed me and we headed into town to take a couple photos.

Our first stop is at the dinosaur outside a bar. It is all painted up for the University of Minnesota. Isn’t it cool looking? Goldy Gopher is front and center with those nice buck teeth! We think the guy about half a mile from our house makes these dinos for a living. For a long time he had four of them, each made up differently, but the same shape, size, and grass base in his driveway. Bailie posed with them if you care to have a look. Right now he has one with nothing on it. We are super curious as to what he is up to.

Right down the block is the Lakeville Arts Center. We found a few fun items there as well. Butterflies are really in these days, thus this display behind and above me. They are quite pretty.

On the other side of the building we found the bright and beautiful moose. We saw the moose on the news in the background which is why we decided to take this little photo trip. It looks like he is really walking through that tall grass he is in.

Our trip was short and sweet, but we found out a lot about how our town is growing! There are new stores and gas stations, roads, and lots of new neighborhoods. It is a good reminder to visit the hometown downtown now and then. Since we took our little excursion before breakfast, my energy level was low. I took a quick rest on this pretty flower bench. Do you visit your town’s downtown much?