The high winds yesterday made for some wild hounds at our house. Bailie was busy in the kitchen working on her turkey project, but Olivia and I were out in the thirty plus mph wind gusts racing around like a couple of crazies!

It started when I dashed out from under the pine tree and tried to bite Olivia in the behind. Honestly, I’m not sure what possessed me to do that, but I did it.

The games of chase went on from there. For some reason, we love wind, and the high winds yesterday made us exceptionally crazy.

I’ve enjoyed running under and around the pine trees since I was a tiny puppy. Being short, I still love to dart under the tree to lose my sister, and then I pop out and surprise her. It is a lot of fun, and gets our running going even faster.

The two of us ran in circles, figure eights, straight lines, just run, run, run.

As the chase progresses, we sometimes switch places. Suddenly, Olivia was back to chasing me. Normally I dart under the tree to lose her and then come back out chasing her. Sometimes it is fun to be the one being chased, though.

And then, it happened, pay back time. Olivia decided to try to bite me on my behind! Our chasing and wrestling went on for almost half an hour, then we went inside, had a snack and crashed for the rest of the afternoon. In our book, it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday!